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Added new programs with updates

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......@@ -7,8 +7,7 @@ These are a set of programs that I have decided to make in my spare time, as I w
can help people, while using ComputerCraft I have many program ideas ranging from simple printer programs to full
door lock systems. If you wish to use my api you're definitely welcome. It has database control, config files,
common draw functions and I do create custom made programs that will be able to display information from other mods,
like Thermal Expansion, Buildcraft, IC2, Applied Energistics, Stargate Craft, Wireless Redstone and the CC add on mod:
like Thermal Expansion, Buildcraft, IC2, Applied Energistics, Stargate Craft, and Wireless Redstone.
Use uRetrieve to download programs using the following code (make sure http is enabled):
......@@ -43,18 +42,14 @@ uNotepad -> Is a simple note taking program, capable of creating, deleting and r
uChat -> Chat with many people at once!! Using a config file to save your username and auto-find for your modem!
Future Developments:
uBank -> Banking solution for servers, using config files, databases, servers, relay servers and even ATM's
uOS -> My first Operating system now currently residing at version 3.6, 3.8 will come out very soon hosuing the new bug fixes for the touch screen update.
uClock -> Displaying a clock on any size monitor
uHug -> Send hugs and kisses across the minecraft land!
uOS -> The operating system built around the programs I have created and then knowledge I have (Under Construction)
uShop -> Minecraft banking and currency system, fully implemented with a shop, scoreboard control and debit cards, the next update will house credit cards but these are a huge update and extremely developmental.
uControl -> A main control unit controlling uControl clients through rednet and using redstone
uTCreate -> A turtle building program, that will build houses, and many other creations by just giving the the right amount of materials!
uDHD -> The stargate DHD program controller, needs openPeripheral
uStargate -> This was taken down to faults, this will be back up by march, once it is available, it allows users to open stargates using computers which take control of a stargate. There is a bug and this means you can put a controller and open a gate without the computer this will bypass the stargate lock, but this is part of the fun, and there are ways of stopping this.
uLight -> Lights controller in house, using automatic systems or input
uTurtle -> Turtle controller over rednet
uVersions -> This has all the versions of all my programs, this is used for programs with auto-updating functions (an example is that uOS can update itself, but you will need to manually restart the console).
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