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# ShinexusUK Server IRC Bot
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This IRC bot has access to all the servers allowing you to get information about all the servers running, this can be so you can check whether a server is down, the player count or use him as a buddy when you are bored. All commands are stated below but you can do !help. The bot is coded in JavaScript and uses Node.js to function. It makes use of many packages to be able to communicate with the servers to get information. As testing goes on we shall give it more commands. We are currently building an AI for it to function on it's own. If you prefix a message with ! then the bot shall pick that up and attempt to match it with something in it's database.
......@@ -11,4 +8,5 @@ This IRC bot has access to all the servers allowing you to get information about
!help | Will request a list of all available commands.
!help :command: | Will list information for each command.
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!status | Will display the status for each server. Whether online or offline.
!players | Will display the total player count, and then the count for each server.
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